Bedbug Exterminator Riverdale, MD

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Bedbugs Exterminator Riverdale, MD

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About this Project

The customer called complaining of major rash on his back, as well as bites on his children. We rushed out there, fearing the worst, and we were right. Bed bugs had taken over this man’s entire home!

We immediately got to eradicating these pests. We started by removing all the soft furniture and bagging it. Bagging the furniture allows us to concentrate the heat and chemicals we’ll need to eradicate the bugs.

We moved on to sterilizing the hard surfaces and applying a repellant. Then came the hard part, treating the carpets. We did so and again on a follow up visit. After that, the bugs were gone and the customer has since been sleeping soundly!

Project Details

Project Bedbugs Extermination
Date March 2017
Places Beds, Couches, Easy Chairs,
Location Riverdale, MD

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