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Mice & Rats


Exterminate mice with confidence when using our professional pest control services.

Why Use Nest For Mouse Extermination Service?

  • We hunt mice down and find all their hiding places.
  • We kill them with a bait and close up entry points.
  • We come back to make sure they are gone for good.
  • Mice eat your food and destroy the rest so it is inedible.
  • Mice potentially carry lots of diseases that can make you really sick.

Nest Pest Control is the solution to your mouse infestation!

A Little About House Mouse Extermination

Mice have been causing frustration, disase and devastation to humanity for as long as there have been people.

They eat your food, chew through walls, wires and ceilings, and they carry diseases like salmonella, hantavirus and more from place to place. These little critters are dangerous!

Because getting a mouse infestation under control can be difficult, it is best to call the professionals. We will eliminate all the living mice, close up their entry points, and make sure that any mice we couldn’t catch right away are exterminated through other means.

Then, if there continues to be a problem, we come back and continue treatment until the mice are abated.

Call Nest Pest Control for more answers and to set up an inspection, today!

mouse near arlington virginia

Mice carry many diseases. Let us exterminate them for you.

Nest Pest Control is the Mice Exterminator!

Mice are prolific in their capability to reproduce. They can reproduce as young as two months old, give birth  in less than three weeks after mating and will usually have five to seven pups. Common house mice have been known to have twice that many, though. A single pair can produce up to sixty mice in a year!

Actually, the worst thing about mice is the disease they carry. All types of bacteria, including salmonella, are carried from place to place by these little pests.

We have been exterminating rats and other pests in Riverdale for years!

Rats are useful creatures to people. They have a lot of the same genetics and react to many drugs and other medical procedures the way people do. However, a wild rat is something else entirely. These are your house’s worst nightmare. They chew through wires, wood, plastic and insulation to build nests. This causes everything from minor annoyances to major property damage in the form of fires and floods.

Whether they are crawling the sewers and carrying all the disease in those places or they are in a field and simply devastate a crop, these creatures can really cause problems. Here in Riverdale, we have Norway Rats (pictured) Roof Rats and Black Rats. Those Norway Rats can grow up to almost a foot in length, not including the tail!

large brown rat

A brown rat, looking for it’s next meal.

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Nest Pest Control is the Best Choice for a Mouse Exterminator.

We’ve been exterminating mice in the Riverdale area for years.

We have decades of experience.

We know pests like mice and rats and how to control them properly.

We guarantee we’ll kill all your mice.

If not, we’ll continue treatment until we eradicate them.

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Did you know…

Although common brown rats can grow fairly large, they are often around a half pound in size, just 6 or seven inches long on average. Gambian pouched rats grow much larger, up to 3 feet, and have been known to carry monkeypox, which is spreadable to humans.

Gambian pouched rats can be very useful to people, though, and one, named Magawa, has received a hero medal for his service in detecting 71 landmines and 38 items of unexploded ordnance in Cambodia. How’s that for a useful animal?


A lot of people have questions about mouse extermination, pest control and our company. Here are a few that you might have:

How do mice and rats spread disease?

Both rats and mice transmit disease through hair, droppings and urine. Asingle mouse can create 40-100 droppings per day! If you touch any surface that has touched these things (or even their feet, which go through a lot of trash and other diseased places) then you can potentially contract that disese. 

Rats and mice occasionally bite, too, though it is very rare. All sorts of diseases are trasmitted through rodent saliva. Also, some people become sensitive and develob allergies to rats, mice and their excrement, etc.

What if I just put out a bunch of mouse traps?

Placing traps is a great place to start and can be effective if you catch the mice or rat right away. However, because of their prolific breeding, a small problem can become a large one in a very short time.

Additionally, trying to control a rat or mouse infestation on your own can be dangerous. You’d need protective gear, including masks, gloves, eye protection and more, plus all the rodenticide and traps to capture a large colony.

Indeed, the most effective rodent control means using an integrated approach. Simply putting out poison isn’t enough. Good rat and mouse control requires rodent proofing, harborage reduction (finding and eliminating places where they can easily nest), trapping the animals and increased sanitation.

For the most comprehensive solution, call Nest pest Control, a professional pest control company for mouse extermination.

Who will answer when I call Nest Pest Control?

9 out of 10 times the owner of Nest Services, James, will answer the phone. Nest Services LLC does business as Nest Services, Nest Pest Control, Nest Pest Control Service and even Nest Tree Service (for tree removal in Maryland).

If James cannot answer, for whatever reason, one of his dispatchers will answer the phone and answer of all your questions, set up appointment times and make sure you are taken care of well.

Who is the owner of Nest Services?

James Williams has owned Nest Services for more than a decade. He started in pest control services some 20+ years ago and after a few years, he and a coworker started their own pest control business. After a few more years, the coworker decided to do a different career entirely and James has been running the pest control show ever since.

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